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  • Airbnb Acquires GamePlanner.AI Led By Siri Co-Founder

Airbnb Acquires GamePlanner.AI Led By Siri Co-Founder

PLUS: OpenAI Pauses New Signups Due To Overwhelming Demand

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Today we’re talking about Airbnb's strategic acquisition of AI startup GamePlanner.AI and OpenAI's pause on new signups for ChatGPT Plus amidst surging demand.

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Airbnb has acquired AI startup GamePlanner.AI, marking its first acquisition as a public company. The deal is reportedly valued at just under $200 million. GamePlanner.AI, which has been operating in "stealth mode" since its inception in 2020, was co-founded by Adam Cheyer, one of the founders of Siri. Airbnb intends to use GamePlanner.AI to accelerate its AI projects. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky envisions using generative AI as a "travel concierge" that learns about users over time and enhances their travel experiences. This marks Airbnb's first acquisition since 2019 and could signify a shift in Chesky's M&A strategy.

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OpenAI has temporarily halted new signups for its paid service, ChatGPT Plus, due to an unexpected surge in demand following the introduction of new features at its first developer conference. CEO Sam Altman revealed that the rise in usage had exceeded their capacity and they want to ensure a quality experience for all users. The newly introduced features allow users to build custom versions of ChatGPT for specific tasks without any coding required. OpenAI also announced plans to launch a store later this month where users can share and monetize their tailored GPTs, similar to Apple’s App Store.


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