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  • Biden Considers AI Executive Order With Sweeping Regulations

Biden Considers AI Executive Order With Sweeping Regulations

PLUS: Amazon Unveils New GenAI Tool For Product Images

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Here's what we've got today — President Biden is expected to sign an executive order addressing AI regulation on Monday, and Amazon unveiled a new GenAI tool for advertisers.

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President Biden is set to unveil an executive order on AI regulation in the near future. The order will mandate in-depth evaluations of AI models before their deployment in federal operations, enact reforms in tech immigration policies, and direct federal agencies to utilize AI. The White House emphasizes safety and trust in AI, with 15 companies voluntarily committing to responsible practices.

Amazon has launched a generative AI image tool within its Ad Console, designed to create lifestyle-themed backgrounds for product images. The tool aims to boost ad click-through rates by automatically creating visually engaging ads. By generating context-specific imagery from text prompts, the feature makes ad creation simpler, especially for sellers without in-house creative resources.


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