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  • Microsoft's AI Copilot Is Finally Here

Microsoft's AI Copilot Is Finally Here

PLUS: Google's AI Breakthrough In Drug Discovery

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Today we're talking about Microsoft's latest Windows 11 update featuring Copilot and Google DeepMind's AlphaFold breakthrough in drug discovery.

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Microsoft's latest Windows 11 update introduces its AI assistant, Copilot, to all users. Copilot can perform various operating-system functions and generate human-like text, leveraging large language models trained on extensive datasets to compose emails, answer queries, and carry out actions in Windows. Users can interact with Copilot through a simple text conversation interface.

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Google DeepMind's recent update to its AlphaFold AI model significantly enhances its predictive capabilities, extending beyond proteins to now include the 3D structures of DNA, RNA, and small molecules. The upgraded AlphaFold offers a new understanding of complex systems like protein interactions, cell signaling pathways, and genome editing tools. With this advancement, researchers anticipate accelerated progress in disease research, drug development, and synthetic biology.

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