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OpenAI Plans For ‘Catastrophic’ AI Risks

PLUS: Boston Dynamics Robot Gets ChatGPT Upgrade

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Today's highlights feature OpenAI's new "Preparedness" team dedicated to safeguarding against catastrophic AI risks, along with Boston Dynamics transforming their robot dog, Spot, into a speaking tour guide using ChatGPT.

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OpenAI has formed a 'Preparedness' team, led by Aleksander Madry, to mitigate AI's potential catastrophic risks, including cybersecurity and mass-threat hazards. The team will craft policies for safely advancing 'frontier models' and engage the community in risk study proposals, emphasizing comprehensive AI safety strategies.

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Boston Dynamics upgraded its robot dog, Spot, with OpenAI's ChatGPT, turning it into an interactive tour guide. Spot uses Visual Question Answering for image-based responses, and text-to-speech to converse and react to its environment. It can assume multiple personas during tours, and a recent demo showcased its ability to guide through the company's headquarters, even identifying its "parent" robots.

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