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  • Samsung's New AI Powered Phones

Samsung's New AI Powered Phones

PLUS: YouTube Launches Chatbot For Videos

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Here's what we've got today — Samsung unveiled its generative AI model 'Gauss,' amid reports it's set to debut on the upcoming Galaxy S24, and YouTube is testing a new AI chatbot capable of answering questions about the videos you're watching.

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Samsung recently unveiled its own generative AI model, Samsung Gauss, at the Samsung AI Forum. Gauss is an on-device AI assistant with natural language, coding, and image generation abilities, designed to give Samsung an edge in AI-powered devices. Multiple reports indicate Samsung plans to debut Gauss in 2024 on the Galaxy S24 amid the race to integrate advanced AI assistants into mobile phones and consumer hardware.

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YouTube is testing an AI chatbot under select videos to answer questions, summarize comments, recommend related content, and quiz on educational videos without interrupting playback. Powered by large language models trained on data from YouTube and the web, the chatbot aims to help viewers "dive deeper" into the content they're watching. YouTube is slowly rolling out the feature as the chatbot is currently limited to English and U.S. Premium subscribers on Android.



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