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  • The Beatles Have A New Song Thanks To AI

The Beatles Have A New Song Thanks To AI

PLUS: Takeaways From UK's AI Safety Summit

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Happy Friday!

Today we're discussing how AI helped bring a new Beatles track to life and the key takeaways from the UK's AI Safety Summit.

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The Beatles have released a "new" song, "Now and Then," their first since 1995. They utilized AI and machine learning to improve an old demo by John Lennon that had previously encountered technical issues in the mid-90s. The technology allowed Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and producer Giles Martin to isolate and enhance Lennon's vocals and add new instruments to finish the track, incorporating elements from George Harrison's recordings. The release of "Now and Then" is a significant milestone in music history, demonstrating how modern technology can be used.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hosted the inaugural AI safety summit, with leaders from 28 nations, including China, in attendance. The Bletchley Declaration was signed, recognizing AI risks and underscoring the need for regulation and AI safety institutes. The US and UK revealed plans for their own AI safety institutes. Despite the collaborative step, disagreements on AI regulation and leadership persist. European lawmakers cautioned against US tech dominance, while the UK advocated a light-touch regulatory approach. Open-source AI risks were discussed, with Elon Musk expressing concerns over its potential to surpass human intelligence. Experts stressed the need for safeguards against open-source AI misuse, acknowledging the necessity for further action.


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